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cut expenses
Cut 24% to 48% on operational expenses and overheads

Save on regular costs

Reduce overheads, courier, logistics, flights, hotels, petrol, and other common running expenses by 24% to 48%. Take advantage of our low-tax and flexible solutions to spend, pay and save every month, using our debit cards from major issuers.

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Access to 10,000,000 € of capital per quarter for any project

Raise capital or get paid

Make a 3% deposit of the sum needed, and join a pool of companies accessing 10 million € of equity capital per quarter. Should a quarterly funding become void, each depositor would be refunded the 3% sum plus a compensation of 5% to 7.5% on top.

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get funded or compensated
low interest credit lines
Borrow for a large project without collateral or mortgage

Credits 1,000,000+ €

Low interest credits without amount or sector limitations, not subject to a mortgage or collateral, but involving application fees. Borrower would receive cash on the basis of a contractual plan of payments against successful milestones.

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Multiply your money starting with a small sum of 5,000 €

26% » 400% net profit

Fully managed investments without amount limit. We pay profits monthly starting at 26% net for small sums and, reaching over 400% net for large invested sums with compounding for one year. Payments include refunding of the invested sum.

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multiply and make cash
NextGen Framework
Commissions and bonuses for our brokers & intermediaries

Team up & earn cash

Freelance promoters can make 5% passive earnings from every amount brought into our solutions. Highly successful prescribers will win spectacular bonuses, trips and cash allowances, funds for home improvements or weekend trips.

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